by Pandev



A first “solo effort” which came to fruition after over a year of composing and recording: “Home” is an independent release which contains 15 new compositions. While being predominantly rock, the album includes some folk and jazz escapades.

Music Videos cans be watched at: youtu.be/Fu0TlSkqgLM?list=PLHok1oCCutslackBRUlVX23avpuWd9zJB


released August 18, 2015

Written, arranged, (mostly) played and produced by Pandev.
Mixed & Mastered by Rod Bianchi at Studio 20 Bis (France)
© & ℗ Pandev 2015



all rights reserved


Pandev Paris, France

Born in Quebec in 1970, of British and Bulgarian parents, PANDEV (first name: Ivan-George) has played in bands (on either side of the Atlantic) for over 20 years.While having rather eclectic musical tastes, his songs remain mostly in the rock vernacular.

He now plays in a Paris-based band called “CirQuS VoltairE”.

He can be seen gigging in and around Paris (France).
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Track Name: Home
I remember all them years ago
Back before the turn of the century
Those days colored by the snow
And those nights worth many a memory

Too many years wasted on the road
It’s a wonder there’s anything left of me
Is it age or is it just the cold
Just wanna go home back across the sea

Oh Lord, how can I face the nights
When I’m alone and so many miles away
So much darkness in the big city lights
So many streets on which to loose your way

But I know my Mary waits for me
‘Cos in my mind's eye I can see
Her by the doorstep with her arms outstretched
I can already feel her divine caress

You know someday I'll be comin' home
'Can't remember why I left at all
I’ll say goodbye to all them roads I did roam
I'll be on my way, when I hear her call...
Track Name: Three-Fingered Boogie
Here I am walkin’ round the city
Hot day all the girls should be pretty
I don’t care ‘wanderin aimlessly
Ain’t lookin’ for no action
I don’t wanna be free

Just got one thing that’s stuck in my brain
a loose memory the genesis of my pain
And there she goes walkin’ out her door
I know I’ll never be with her no more

So don’t - Don’t - Don’t you leave me
Don’t break my heart it can’t take no more
And don’t - Don’t - You forget me Can’t it be like it was before
You - You - Will regret me: I’ll be in your dreams you’re not rid of me yet
My three - Three - Fingered boogie a rhythm you cannot forget

Once upon a time,
I was yours and you were mine
Together through thick and thin
Together we were bound to win
What happened to the dream
Vanished it would seem
Life poked its head round the door
Banished it for ever more

Still here hangin’ in the city hot night all the girls should be pretty
Ain’t lookin’ I wouldn’t even see
Don’t want no action didn’t wanna be free
Still that thing in the back of my brain
My loose memory the genesis of my pain
Here she comes goin’ through her door
And I know I’ll never be with her no more

No don’t - Don’t - Don’t you leave me…
Track Name: Yes She Did
My head is aching my eyes are red
My body’s shakin’ I’m stuck in bed
Ain’t no cure for the ailment I got
She got a name but I must have forgot

Was she the Green Fary or the White
This mornin’s hell but, oh, what a night
She really got to me man she was fine
She really did blow my mind - amongst other things

Yes… yes she did…

Man do I miss her can’t go without
I would do anything without a doubt
Just to get her back, flowin’ though my veins
Only she can soothe all of the pains

I’ve been warned people will scorn
To watch out for the vixens who deal in poisons
But now I’ve found my paradise
And it was she who rolled the dice

Yes… yes she did…

I’m really fucked as fucked as you can
Ain’t no redemption ain’t in His plan
The heroine of this tale left me high and dry
Not much to do but to cry

But I’d do it all again I’d jump back in
She just needs to say when and I’ll gladly let her win
She was so good took me where I’d never been
And it was she who wrote the scene

Yes… yes she did…
Track Name: The Exile
I’m in exile how do I feel
Well sometimes I wonder if all of this is real
Goin’ down south headin’ for Texas
Hittin’ the road just before breakfast

Bottle of wine and a bottle of rye
And I don’t give a damn if I live or die
Headin’ for Texas almost feel I can fly

Got my tank filled up with gasoline
I’m headin’ south I’m cuttin’ clean

I’m in exile what do you care
Mile for mile to end up God knows where
Gone to New Orleans got me the blues
I ain’t nobody I ain’t got no shoes

Forget the Bootmen I’ve paid my dues.
Don’t get on my case I got a real short fuse
Gone to New Orleans Headin’ for the Bayou

Tank is full with heavy fuel
High octane is always useful

I’m in exile how do you think I feel
Nothin’ goes my way, ain’t nothin’ that’s real
Headin’ for Frisco my time I bide.
I guess I’m just tryin’ to find my feminine side

I’m just an exile not born to be wild
I’m headin’ to the Golden Gate don’t gimmie no shit all that crap can wait

Bottle of wine bottle of rye
Who gives a damn if I live or die
Headin’ out West let’s see if I can fly

The tank’s filled up with high octane’
All I’ve got left is all the pain
I’m in exile
Track Name: News of the Day
Have you heard the news today oh boy
Headlines screaming from the stands the latest political ploy
Fanaticism on the left fascist plots on the right
Murder rape embezzlement and Wall Street crumbling overnight

Gotta get outta here find some truth something sincere
Gotta make it to the other side if only to survive

Where’s the truth - Gimmie! Gimmie!
Gimmie the truth - Gimmie! Gimmie!
The short-minded blabble of hypocrites
The mindless twaddle of society twits

Have you heard the news today oh crap
Another juicy scandal to act as a mental death trap
News of the day written to persuade
Gimmie a rope or a razor blade
Bad news is the business they provide
Newsrooms are typing an agenda for suicide

Where‟s the truth - Gimmie! Gimmie!
Gimmie the truth - Gimmie! Gimmie!
SIck to death of editorialists
who are tight-lipped mamma’s little chauvinists

Gotta get outta here…

I heard the news today:
Still no hope what did ya expect them to say
Track Name: Be Seeing You
You awake in a strange place a “home away from home”
There’s a buzzing in your head you’re not alone
You look out of the window to the Village square
Must be a dream a white ball hovers there

Nowhere to run nowhere to hide you’re locked inside
With no getting through
Even if you got away you’d be coming back
Be seeing you be seeing you

They give you a number you’ve lost your name
Six of one half a dozen of the other it’s all the same
Between hammer and anvil, you just might lose your mind
Or they could take it they like being paid in kind

Nowhere to run nowhere to hide…

Lost to the world you long for escape
But it never comes this must be your fate
Music machineguns the sounds of Love and Hate
What if you’re number one just you wait

Nowhere to run nowhere to hide…

You wake up in a strange place your “home away from home”
There’s that buzzing in your head you’re still not alone
You look out of the window to the Village square
Must be a dream that white ball hovers there

Nowhere to run nowhere to hide…
Track Name: Smoke 'Em if You Got 'Em
Just take it easy stop for a spell
No need to hurry you're doin' well
Time for a break no one will condemn
It’s yours to take so smoke 'em if you got 'em

Look up at the sky the sun is shinin' down
No need to reason why wipe off that worried frown
Kick off your shoes pour yourself a drink
You’ve paid your dues relax get out of synch

Just take five there ain’t no need to rave
Forget the rhythm by old brother Dave
Time for a break no one will condemn
It’s yours to take so smoke 'em if you got 'em
Track Name: Story of a Band
‘Twas back in the summer of ‘89
Got me a band wrote some tunes to play
Found gigs in some real sleazy dives
But man we really got to play

Come on everybody
Got a band that wants to play
All we need is people to play for
We’re rockin’ and we’re ready
To try to blow your mind away
We just wanna hear them rockin’ notes soar

Ain’t got no record contract
No roadie by my side
Walk to the stage through the drunkards
No dressing rooms in which to hide

Come on everybody…

20 years on since them first gigs
We’re still rockin’ in cheap dives
But at least we got the music to help to keep us alive

Come on everybody…
Track Name: Fashionism
I thought a “Working Class Hero” was a thing to be
But that’s no longer true as far as I can see
Neither Capital nor Communism
It’s now the dawn of Fashionism

Turn on the tube and think on what you see
Call it what you want it ain’t reality
Formatted culture to dull the soul
Forget your freedom it’s all about control

The name on a suit the brand of a shoe
The make of a phone the new virtue
Sound-bytes rule ideas are vacant
Play the game you’ll make president

Fashion is king nothing to do with style
Ideology’s dead we’re evermore servile
Rock’n’Roll becomes establishment
The artist becomes a mere merchant

Don’t be left out join the vanguard
Credit is the party card
We happily pay for such despotism
It’s the New Reich of Fashionism
Track Name: Mandolin Dreams
Silent Lights all down the street
All is closed not a soul to meet
Nothing is really just what it seems
Just a fleetin’ moment just like mandolin dreams

Sometimes I wonder
If I’m not insane
But what’s a little madness
No need to feel no shame

So I keep on walkin’
Throughout the night
Let madness come
I’ll put up no fight

This strange world crumbles to the ground
Nothin’ left no one to be found
All alone under starry skies
With only demons waitin’ to be exorcised

Sometimes I wonder if
I’m not insane…

This strange world crumbles to the ground…

Sometimes I wonder if I’m not insane…
Track Name: Paranoia Blues
It’s just paranoia but at least I’m never alone
Fascists at the front door and I cringe when I hear the phone
I tell you something’s goin’ on down there
But I don’t know what and I don’t know where

I don’t wanna see nobody just wanna hide under my bed
What’s that don’t pay attention them just the voices in my head
I never should have quit the magic herb
Could then blame it on bad habits I could curb

There is someone out to get me
Tryin' to prove me a fraud
Ain’t no one who can help me
The entire world must be flawed

Like the man said manic depression has captured my soul
No better explanation at least that’s what I’m told

Take me in a rubber van
To a padded room that’s OK man
Where they believe In pyjama tops
With very long sleeves…
Track Name: June
I couldn’t have been more than 17
Sittin’ on the porch with my canteen
Drinkin’ brandy while strummin’ to the sky
Watchin’ fireflies dancin’ to the moon
Drinkin’ and strummin’ ‘till my head swooned
when she came by don’t know how don’t know why

Her parents called her Julia but she was always “June”
I’ll never forget her silhouetted in that warm summer moon
I still don’t understand why she dropped by
Well that night she picked me ain’t no reason why

She was my age if you would believe
But she was never - never in my league
She’d call me “Babe” in her own particular way
I guess I offered her a drink
Can’t remember couldn’t seem to think
I suppose we talked on until the first light of day

As the sun came up she said she couldn’t stay
Then she kissed me before leavin’ me a stray
Summer turned back into fall
I’d be writing her postcards on my wall
Waitin’ to see her to read ‘em to her someday

Her parents called her Julia but she was always “June”…

Turns out she’s married has a child
Saw her the other day and she just smiled
We talked of anything if only to evade
What felt to me like a broken heart
As evening came I figured we would part
But then she kissed me and one last time she called me “Babe”

Her parents called her Julia but she was always “June”…
Track Name: If Strats Could Kill
Going through life, ain’t got no time to spend
On crying, whining complaints that never end
What about egos with no more room to expand
Or unconsciousness with its head in the sand

Some people just don’t see what they bring about
Cause and effect can draw blood of that have no doubt
And lies from the “little white” all the way to the outrageous
Are the nursery of pain dished out by the heartless

If strats could kill they’d all be lying on the floor
A little riff a little fill a nice loud amp to shoot some more

I just want to line ‘em up against the wall
You can’t help but wonder who’ll be the first to fall
Grab your electric tommy-gun your brand-new shiny strat

If strats could kill (etc.)

Is it my place to damn the whole human race
What of “good will to all men”
I should stop in mid-stride and take a look inside
Maybe I should make amends

If strats could kill they’d all be lying on the floor
A little riff a little fill grab a pick and play some more

I look in the mirror at my own sorry face
And wonder why I’m going on about the whole human race
Well I ain’t no better and I’m just as bad
I’ve fucked up everything that I’ve ever had

If strats could kill I’d be lying on the floor
One last riff one last fill one last chord and then no more
Track Name: Nights in White Russia
Sitting alone in this darkened bar
With but a drink to warm me
Moonlight and vodka only go so far
In dulling my memory

The band plays on with its sad lament
You can get depressed to your heart’s content
Not much more to say
When the Gypsy boys they play…

Bartender another drink
Make it a strong one so that I can’t think
The nights here are so cold
And the Gypsy girls so bold

The Russians play their song
Pathetically droning on…

Far too drunk I’m thrown out on the street
Can’t even get back to my feet
Militia men don’t give a second look
I’m but a drunkard not a terrorist or a crook

Final notes fade under the moon
As some Georgian boys play their tune…