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by Pandev



An ever-growing list of one-offs... Though they may pop up in other forms on different albums in the future.


released October 10, 2015

Mostly PANDEV (there may be extra credits or participants)



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Pandev Paris, France

Born in Quebec in 1970, of British and Bulgarian parents, PANDEV (first name: Ivan-George) has played in bands (on either side of the Atlantic) for over 20 years.While having rather eclectic musical tastes, his songs remain mostly in the rock vernacular.

He now plays in a Paris-based band called “CirQuS VoltairE”.

He can be seen gigging in and around Paris (France).
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Track Name: If I Were Cat

If I were “Cat” I’d be chasing my tail through a moon shadow
Waitin’ for the Peace Train that leaves on the morrow

Under a sky of painted blue
That lets the colours shine through and through
Just like your dad’s favorite jeans
Faded to a dream

If I were “Cat” I’d live life to the fill
From Ceylon City down to Abanville
I don’t think I’d be very religious though
Livin’ another life, you never know

But I really wish I knew
What makes me “me” and what makes you “you”
What makes someone “Cat”
Maybe tea with the tillerman is where its at

If I were “Cat” chasing my tail through a moon shadow just like that
Another Saturday night
Just Waitin’ for the light…

If I were “Cat” I don’t think it would change all as much as that
I’d still be sittin’ here with my son
Talkin’ the hours away one by one

If we were “Cat” we’d be chasing our tails through a moon shadow
Without a fear or worry for the morrow

But we’re just ourselves
Lookin’ at our life stories from the bookshelves
I am “me” and he is “he”
Doesn’t really matter what we could be

We ain’t “Cat”
But my boy and myself are what we are
Not gonna worry ‘bout all that
We’re fine and that is at

If we were “Cat”…