Closing Statement

by Gaz 'Oual



Gaz 'Oual's posthumous album by Eric Baud, Rod Bianchi, Ali Kebaili, Ivan Pandev and Hugues Vincent.

Videos of Gaz 'Oual can be watched at:


released September 1, 2012

Eric Baud: Bass
Rod Bianchi: Guitars
Ali Kebaili: Drums
Ivan Pandev: Voices and Keyboards
Hugues Vincent: Guitars
Recorded at Dark Studios 17 & 62 and LedPan Studios (France)
Mixed & mastered at Studio 20 bis (France)
Produced by Rod Bianchi for Gaz 'Oual
All songs written by: Gaz 'Oual (© 2012 Baud, Bianchi, Kebaili, Pandev & Vincent -- SOCAN) All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Pandev Paris, France

Born in Quebec in 1970, of British and Bulgarian parents, PANDEV (first name: Ivan-George) has played in bands (on either side of the Atlantic) for over 20 years.While having rather eclectic musical tastes, his songs remain mostly in the rock vernacular.

He now plays in a Paris-based band called “CirQuS VoltairE”.

He can be seen gigging in and around Paris (France).
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Track Name: Stop the World (I'm getting off)
You wake up in the morning and you roll out of bed
You're already at the office when the mist leaves your head
Is this what it all means
Or is there more to it, more than it seems

Monday to Friday there just ain't nothing else
You're so fed-up, you wish you're somebody else
You want to change how life goes
With new friends a new car a new life a new nose

Here we go again
Back where we began
It's gotta end or we'll just keep on going, going round the bend
Gotta forget all of that stuff, there's just one thing to say:
Stop the world, I'm getting off

Is this what it all means
Or is there more to it, more than it seems

Seems like we're working more and more for less and less pay
Well it's all gotta stop, it’s gonna break up someday
Violence ain't no Holy Grail
But when it blows please pass me that Molotov cocktail

Here we go again...

This morning you woke up and you got out of bed
Everything seemed better, was no mist in your head
Alarm clock goes off it seems
Aw SHIT! It was just a dream

You're working more and more for less and less pay
It's gonna stop we'll bring it down someday
Violence ain't no Holy Grail
But when it blows please hand me that Molotov cocktail... And many more...

Here we go again...
Track Name: Leann
Here’s the story of a girl named Leann
She fell in love with the wrong type of boy, the wrong type of man
Old Bobby wanted to be a rock’n’roll star
And Leann never thought that through too far

Bobby saw Leann as ten years to life
She would think of herself as old Bobby’s wife
Bobby was a rocker, couldn’t see himself in chains
And he never thought, of poor old Leann ‘s pain

Poor Leann, she cries to the night
Never knowing if she is wrong or she is right
She’d leave him in a New-York minute if she thought she could
The only question is, if she really would

Bobby played his gigs, would come home late if he came at all
He’d leave Leann to her broken dreams, to prepare her fall
Never imagined that his actions would cause such pain
He just kept doing them, again and again

Poor Leann, she would wait until sunrise
All she wanted to see was Love, in old Bobby’s eyes
But all she got was a drunken look from a man who lacked sleep
But a man she had decided she would keep

Poor Leann, she cries to the night…

Poor Leann, she cried to the night
Never knowing if she was wrong or she was right
She left him in a New-York minute ‘cos she knew she should
And she proved that she could

Years have passed, Leann has moved on
Bobby’s still playing his small-town gigs, but now he’s all alone
All she needed was a man, who’s love was real
A man who could care, who could feel…

Leann no longer cries to the night
No longer wonders if she was wrong or she was right
She found herself a real man, one who would be true
And old Bobby, it ain’t you

Leann no longer cries out to the night
She now knows what is wrong and she knows what is right
While old Bobby, he ain’t got no one but himself to blame
Leann realized that some things are in vain
Track Name: Moneyland
We’re playing hopscotch in the wreckage
While their caviar’s fresh, their champagne vintage
There’s more wealth than the world’s ever known
And only 1% who own… They’ve got it all!

The sun shines in Moneyland the world is in their hands
They just don’t seem to understand
But their sun will set they’ll get theirs yet

They’re dancing through their own minefield
Collecting cash that ain’t even real
It’s all in the mind, virtual
Computer tells you what cash you pull

They take more, you’re left at the door
Not getting’ in, you’re poor, it’s a sin
Now your life’s nothing but strife
If you give in, they will win!

The sun shines in Moneyland…

The sun shines in Moneyland…

Just give us work, just give us homes
Give us some future, something that we can own
Greed is the problem the world suffers from
If they don’t change, it’s revolution!

The sun is setting in Moneyland people are slippin’ from their hands
You’d think they’d understand
The time has come, change will be welcome
On with freedom, revolution, get on the other side of the gun
The end is nigh… and they still don’t get why…
Track Name: I Exist
I gotta exist
I can’t be left alone
I will resits
With others, or on my own
Ain’t no way to stop me now
No one will put me down
I gotta exist
Though I don’t know how...

Went to the wrong schools
‘Been treated like a fool
Bad birth, born under a bad sign
Is all I hear time after time
But that’s nothin’ no need to fret
I’ll show ‘em all, I’ll show ‘em yet
I gotta exist
Though I don’t know how…

Who cares about what shoes you wear
The colour of your shirt
The length of your hair
Humanity is your birthright
Don’t give it up without a fight
You’re gonna exist
And you’ll find out how

I wasn’t born to fame
Fortune does not know my name
The fact that I must face
We’re all just members of the Human race

Why so much hate and disdain
From people who don’t even know my name
I gotta exist
Though I don’t know how...

Who cares about what shoes you wear...

I may not walk
I may not hear
I may be blind or deaf
But no need to fear
The colour of my skin don’t make me strong or weak
Same for sex, religion or the tongue I speak
I need to exist
The way that I am now

Who cares about what shoes you wear
The colour of your shirt
The length of your hair
Humanity is your birthright
Don’t give it up without a fight
You do exist
Now listen how

I think therefore I am
As simple as that, as simple as you can
Heart and mind give me the right to be
Well here I am, for all to see
I do exist...Watch me now...
Track Name: The last of the Summer Hits
Just like a teenage movie: butterflies when boy meets girl
And everything is groovy, everything is in a whirl
But you know that time is fleeting, and although you don’t know why
You feel you gotta tell her more than you could ever tell her but you’re damned if you don’t give it a try

It’s the last of the summer hits
To end the soundtrack of that summer bliss

I know that walking hand in hand across a moonlit beach
Is somewhat passé, somewhat of a cliché, but reality is out of reach
Nevertheless the moonlight reflected in your eyes
Made me feel like a Tarzan, a Power-Man a Superman, I even felt that we could fly

It’s the last of the summer hits…

Another drive-in movie, an excuse for us to be alone
A double-feature to hold you tight, though the movies we’d outgrown
But that ain’t why we went there, no matter what movie played
We talked minute after minute, hour after hour, before we went our own ways

It’s the last of the summer hits

Now that summer is long gone, but I’ll always remember you through this song
Though I have no regrets, I never will forget
Years have passed but sometimes I think back to that summer… what a flashback
The last of the summer hits, to end our summer bliss
Track Name: To Cross The River
Standing on a pier
Waiting for the ferryman to come along
He may tell me why I’m here
Where I’m going, why I’ve waited for so long

He might know who I am
Might know the reason for this journey
I admit I’m lost, I can’t remember
I could either have been a beast or a beauty

My last memory’s vague to say the least
Was I alone on the open road
Or assisted by a priest

It could have ended in a hospital bed
Maybe an overdose
Perhaps an accident
Why not a sharp blow to my head

The man is coming
To take me to the other side
I can feel it in the wind
And I have no place to hide
I’ll make my peace
With whatever I may have been
For I know this is the end
Mine eyes they have seen

Was I an inmate in a camp
Who died for what I thought or what I felt
I may even have been a dumb animal
Simply butchered for my pelt

The man he is coming
To bring me to the other side
I can feel it in the air
And there’s nowhere for me to hide
I’ll make my peace
With whatever I may have done
Let god or devil come and judge me
I have a light that will shine on

The ferryman’s coming
To take me cross the river Styx
It’s worse than waiting for a dealer
Be it for your very, very last fix
I’m headed for the country
From whose bourn no traveler returns
What matters it to me now
Whether I was loved or I was spurned

I still don’t know why I’m here
Should I be overjoyed
Or should I quake with fear
Is it heaven or hell
To be found on the other side
Or just a void, emptiness
To be found far and wide

No matter Charon is here
The ferryman has arrived
Time to take place on his barge
To go to the other side
What matters it to me
To be considered of virtue or of vice
To be considered as hot as the devil
Or as cold as ice

All that matters
Is the memory you give
A stupid bastard
Or man who deserved to live

No matter where the ferryman takes you
It doesn’t exist at all
All that counts is the memory
The memory we leave for you all
So one last thing
You all make me warm inside
As I take this final journey
As I go through the great divide
Track Name: Inside Out
Well you want to have fun, I got you a band
They’ll rock you more than any other can
Get your hair piled high put on your wing-tipped shoes
They’ll blow away all Yer Blues
We got Hugo & Rod takin’ up the front
A Couple ‘O Gibsons to make their point

We got Eric on bass walkin’ all the way
From Kalamazoo to San Francisco Bay
And Ali “K” bringing up the rear
The man just drums like he has no fear
The band here wields some clout
And they will turn you. Inside out!

Tell your friends, your Mom and your Poppa too
Tell everyone these boys rock true
Warn the preachers and the police
Once they start rockin’ it doesn’t cease
These boys pull out all the stops
Ain’t no way to stop ‘em
Once it Rocks!

Be it Oliver or yours, Johnny Boy
To front these guys is just pure joy
Gimmie the mic, on any day
When these old boys are here to play
All I need is one song
With these boys, to Rock On!

We all paid our dues
We played the scene
We’ve been through gigs
Like Richards through morphine
Of one thing there is no doubt
Man! These old boys...
Rock me inside out!

Forget Eddie, Buddy, Chuck and Bill
Now these four guys should top the bill
You just never want a gig to end
When you can call each one a friend
Again: there’s no doubt
Now these old boys rock anyone inside out!

Be it Oliver or yours, Johnny Boy…

Forget Eddie, Buddy, Chuck and Bill…

Now this old band can wield some clout
They will rock you...

Forget Eddie, Buddy, Chuck and Bill…

Again: Hugo, Rod on the guitars
Eric playin’ bass to the stars
Don’t forget the back beat
Old Ali “K” with hands and feet
That band they wield some clout
They will always turn you...
Track Name: Those Starry Skies
Oh Lord I’m tired it’s been a long day
Just you and me talking it away
I never thought it would come to this when you took my hand
Our first kiss to be my last stand

How I love those starry skies
When they look down from the heavens into your eyes
Showin’ me what is meant to be
With all the warmth of my summer dreams
Yet this is just what it seems
Darlin’ just you and me

Oh Lord I’m tired it’s been a long day
Just doing nothing but watching our children play
Now we’ve sent them off to bed but that glass of wine has gone to my head
Days like this should be every day

I really love those starry skies
That look down from the heavens into your eyes
And yes this is meant to be
I’ve got all the warmth of my summer dreams
And yet this is just what it seems
Darlin’ just you and me

Oh Lord I’m tired it’s been a long day
To watch the last of our brood move away
Now it’s back to the start just you and me never to be apart
The perfect end to the day

I really love those starry skies
Track Name: Just Follow the Band
Staring at an empty bottle wondering what I’m doing here
Can’t face life can’t face all the fear
All I know is I don’t want to lose her
What have I done again my memory is a blur

Show me the way home I’ll take whatever road
No matter how hard no matter what it may bode
I don’t want to lose all don’t want to be left all alone
I’ll do all that is required to get back home

Borderlining on insanity
I only need to come back to reality
But it ain’t as easy as it may sound
‘Cos I’m lost to the world waiting to be found

I’ve been to hell and I’m crawling back
Not much to tell just hope that I’m on the right track
Just give me a sign no burning bush or all of that
A simple sign a way to get back

Show me the way home...

There is a light and it never goes out
No matter what is right no matter all the doubt
There is a way home just take the hand
That is offered just follow the band
Track Name: Now I'm Free
Brothers Johnny Jim and Jack hit the road never to come back to life as it used to be
I thought I was in control but the brothers had taken my soul a fact that I just could not see

But now I’m free
And no one will take that away away from me
Liberated I am in control
My mind is my own so is my soul

Driving on the highway or with a guitar trying to play I was far from what I could be
Being mean to everyone not seeing what I had become like with a bottle soon to be empty

But now I’m free...

“The morning wind began to moan,
But still the night went on:
Through its giant loom the web of gloom
Crept till each thread was spun:
And, as we prayed, we grew afraid
Of the Justice of the Sun.”*

But now I’m free...

* : Form “The Ballad of Reading Gaol”, thanks Oscar (Wilde, that is!).
Track Name: Thanks
Thanks to all the people who stood by my side
Thanks to the friends and family from which I could not hide
Thanks to everyone who would not let me down

Standing by my side no matter what shit went down
Here are the people who love you so
People who won’t let you down who will never let you go
You may be surprised when they pick you up

But these are the real friends who will never give you up
Here I am on the way to the cure
I may stumble I may fall but they’re there for sure
I have to give thanks to all those around
They always knew that which I’ve only just found

Here are the people who love you so…